Tech Eleven provides smarter ways to achieve optimised business processes. In SAP, our solutions are industry proven in a range of tier 1 organisations, and in safety, our solution has been built from the ground-up to lift your safety culture and compliance. Solutions designed specifically to improve the way you safely perform your day to day activities, so you can get on with growing your business.


soltuions to Boost SAP Productivity


Provide a boost to SAP usability and productivity through solutions and designs which are proven to work in industry


solutions to enable predictive business analytics


Obzervr delivers predictive data analytics for improved business decision making 


Solutions to enable


Tech Eleven Solutions are designed to enable real savings and business benefits to be delivered



Solutions to Proactively manage Safety


Meet your Safety Compliance requirements by making it part of your daily routine with SafeWorkPro 


Solutions to collect and analyse field data


Obzervr delivers the clarity of real time information from the field